If there’s a mantra for the downsizer movement it’s a simple one. Enjoy life.
With the busy family years behind you, it’s time to cast off the shackles and the expenses that come with a big family

Perth expatriates Brad and Denise Mitchell visited plans for a smaller home off and on for years but the final trigger was confronting the change in housing needs for Brad’s aged parents.
“I had been looking for apartments and researching the downsizing options for my parents who needed a smaller home with fewer household chores and more time to enjoy life,” says
Brad. “That process made us both realise the importance of better planning and not leaving decisions until it was too late to enjoy a new lifestyle.” In the end, the couple made a relatively
quick decision to downsize with the purchase of an off-the-plan apartment at Marina Edge Apartments at Port Coogee which is now under construction.

They settled on what they felt was the best apartment in the project to suit their boating lifestyle, a ground floor apartment with only a low traffic road and gardens separating them from the
Port Coogee Marina and their boat pen. “Our family has been brought up on ocean activities,” says Brad. “We sail, fish, scuba dive and enjoy water sports and we both agreed that any move to a smaller home would have to be accompanied by a water aspect and so we could be close to our boat. “Marina Edge was the perfect choice to satisfy those requirements.”

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