As the railway lines that had long divided Perth’s CBD and Northbridge were being submerged to open up land for Perth City Link, apartment developer Finbar was securing the land for the
112-apartment tower LINQ, on the corner of James and Fitzgerald streets.
Located on a site once occupied by a family-run supermarket, the 14-storey apartment tower now bookends the south west corner of Northbridge and sits on the doorstep of the city’s biggest infrastructure project—Perth City Link.

Willie Lim, Colliers International’s Senior Executive Residential Sales and Marketing says LINQ’s location, between the CBD and Northbridge, was its initial selling point but another preference was also soon apparent. “As well as its entertainment and restaurant focus, Northbridge is also a popular area for apartment living but the buyers who signed up at LINQ were especially keen to secure an apartment in a new and modern complex,” Mr Lim says.

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