The winter garden balcony is the latest design feature making its way into Perth’s apartment market.

By enclosing balconies so they become part of an apartment’s internal area, winter garden balconies deliver more year-round liveable area and as apartment dwellers will readily testify,
making better use of existing floor space is a top priority.

At Camilla Residences, a luxury project being developed by Baltinas Made, large winter garden balconies, which will have the flexibility to adapt to the changing climate and city traffic, will allow balconies to be used throughout the year. “The semi-enclosed balconies at Camilla Residences on Mount Street will have opening sashless windows and concealed detailing which will allow for a seamless transition between the living spaces and a harmonious intimate environment,” says Baltinas founder Barry Baltinas.
The balconies have a double hung glazing system which allows windows to be securely closed or partly or fully opened when good balcony conditions prevail.

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