I recently published an article on LinkedIn on research showing that people living in inner-city, urban locations have smaller waistlines on average than those living in outlying, suburban areas. It’s an interesting observation and an unexpected discovery made recently by a client of mine. He tells me that he and his wife have been exercising more regularly since moving to the city and doing away with their daily one-hour work commute. With a better selection of dining-out options, they have also noticed an improvement in their eating habits.

What they didn’t realise until their move though, was that it wasn’t just their waistlines that were shrinking. It turns out they had also starting trimming some excess fat from their bills as well! For privacy sake let’s call this couple Baden and Clementine.

Baden and Clementine are a married couple in their 30s with no kids. Baden is 31 and works in the CBD and Clementine is 33 and works as a barista in the western suburbs. They previously lived 10km from Perth’s CBD and both drove to and from work each day in separate vehicles. They sold their previous home, a three-bedroom townhouse and stumped up an extra $150,000 to purchase a three-bedroom apartment in Perth.

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