Young woman smiles as she and her husband unpack boxes in their new home.

Colliers International offers tailored relocation services for individuals and families moving to Perth.
A new city and a new home can come with challenges but our residential management team has put together a range of packages that will
make settling into Perth a smooth transition.
The packages range from a half-day orientation that takes in key landmarks and suburbs of your choice to a complete relocation service where we help you find a new home
and even arrange the unpacking.
Colliers International Associate Director Residential Management Paula Jones says the relocation service helps new arrivals navigate what can be crucial decisions when they first arrive.
“We can arrange a short-list of homes for you to inspect, visits to prospective schools, car rentals or even help setting up new accounts for your utility connections. “The packages are flexible so
you can select the areas where our knowledge of Perth will help you and your family make the best choices as you settle into your new home.”

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